Family Group Conferencing


What is a Family Group Conference?

Some decisions and changes are easier when made with the support of family and friends. Family Group Conferencing is a strengths based, family focussed form of Alternative Dispute Resolution and a process which supports families to share information, explore possibilities and arrive at solutions together. Key people within the family (usually parents) will decide who can attend the conference and professionals attend only briefly to outline their concerns. The process is overseen by an impartial Facilitator.


How Does it Work?

  Family Group Conferencing has 5 easy to follow steps that your Facilitator will guide you through: referral, preparation time, the conference, plan implementation and plan review. Your Facilitator will explain each step, to each participant and ensure that everyone has the information they need to meaningfully participate. When the conference begins, family, friends and professionals will all have an opportunity to share their concerns and talk about what assistance they can provide then family and support people will spend time alone and privately discuss the issues and possible solutions. The family will develop a plan together that each person can agree with and a date will be set to review the plan. 


About our Facilitator

Jade Lindsay has worked in the community sector since 2006 and has a comprehensive understanding of a range of issues impacting families. Jade is an approved Facilitator with the Department of Communities and Justice. 


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