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Family Group Conferencing

Some decisions and changes are easier when made with the support of family and friends. Family Group Conferencing is a form of Alternative Dispute Resolution and a process which supports families to share information, explore possibilities and arrive at solutions together. 


How it Works

If you decide to use the process of FGC to help your family make decisions you will have the benefit of being supported through the  process by one person. This reduces the need to retell your story, protects your confidentiality and ensures the process is family friendly and remains focused on the person and issue at the centre of decision.


Jade Lindsay

 Jade has worked with families impacted by a broad range of challenges since 2007. With extensive experience working in child protection and family services, Jade is able to support families through the Family Group Facilitation process as they make important decisions  about their loved ones. 

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Jade Lindsay

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